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Waiting for the Train Podcast – Episode 1

Waiting for the Train Podcast – Episode 1


Hey folks!  It has taken a little bit to get going, but we have our first public podcast ready for you!  We have done the Members only one a couple times now which has different stuff in it, but this one is for everyone!  Cider and I are getting used to recording so I am sure the audio quality will get even better, but the material is GOLD!

So take a listen.  Soon I will have us set up on itunes so you can upvote us or whatever you do over there.  As always, we want your feedback so PLEASE let us have it in the comments.  And now, on with the show!

About The Author

Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Nobilis Reed

    What’s the RSS URL?

  2. Raven Partida

    Enjoying it 🙂 its like listening to the radio

  3. stacyfrazer

    Uranus is a celestial phenomenon. I like your Mulder and Scully approach to the water replacing the vodka mystery. Also, I wanna be on the show. I want to believe.

    • Cider

      DONE. Official first guest is StayFray. Acadia, take care of it.

      • stacyfrazer


  4. Bobbi Jo Woods

    How do I fast-forward through all the Batman and wrestling and comic nerd and Zombie TV and X Files b.s.?!

    I hate you guys

    • SpocKirk

      Keep pushing the “skip ahead” button ( >>| ) until the podcast is over.

    • Acadia Einstein

      I guess we will have to put a table of contents for you QUEENIE! 🙂


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