So we are working on a slight retooling of Waiting for the Train, and we have gotten all off schedule, but because we can, BNev and I recorded a special bonus episode this week which we like to call “Whiskey and T*ts”. Because… we are ladies? And whiskey is nice? I dunno. Anyway, this features some slightly different topics from the usual and you don’t have to listen to Acadia’s terrible accent or hear him yelling at us, so it should be lovely. In fact, I have been told by very reliable sources that I am charming and BNev and I both have mesmerizing voices. So, you’re welcome. Stay tuned for another bonus episode about Acadia’s trip and then our re-tooled regular show.

Joey actually wrote a post about various amazing and fun media things he’s done, and it includes his “What to do When Zombies Attack” video that we mention in the podcast, so go read it here.

Check out Dirty Signs with Kristin here.

And, here is the sign I learned this week: