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Waiting for the Train, Episode 6

Waiting for the Train, Episode 6


This week we feature something Cider is excited about (warning: big spoilers about The Walking Dead – spoilers from the comics, specifically), Acadia brings the rage, you find out that I’m sometimes nice, Acadia discusses HIPAA, and we talk about Good Week / Bad Week.

Also, we barely discuss mysterious items that appear on city streets, such as Toynbee Tiles. Do you know what those are? Because I didn’t, but here is more info:

Toynbee Tiles

Apparently there is a movie about Toynbee Tiles

Thinking Sideways Podcast Episode about Toynbee Tiles

And Acadia took a picture of one he found on the real live streets of NYC!


Next week we will discuss some weird figures I’ve noticed around the streets of Boston.

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