uber en route

This week we discuss:

Uber launching driverless cars

The flood in Louisiana that nobody seems to care about

Ryan Lochte is a douche

Paul Manafort/Steve Bannon Trump nonsense

Syria is terrible and nobody knows what to do

Those were the official topics, but other things that came up were: why capitalism is evil, how grocery stores were like the Uber of 1930, how sad it is that we didn’t make a better hashtag about Lochte, Al Roker throwing shade, and the saga of Market Basket (a family owned grocery chain) in New England as an example of a whole lot of people actually working together to keep something good.

That’s not all though, Acadia also had his “sports minute” and his weekly update on stuff about Charlotte McKinney¬†which¬†nobody cares about is very important.

al roker having none of it

“Bby, pls.” – Al Roker