This week we discuss how few f***s we give that Malia Obama might have smoked pot, whether it’s OK to make jokes about presidential assassinations, sexism at the Olympics, A-Rod’s retirement, and Delta Airlines’ dual f***-ups.

And of course we have the Charlotte McKinney Minute and Good Week/Bad Week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 2.18.45 AM

What is this inanity? That’s Charlotte on the right in case you aren’t obsessed like Acadia.

Also, as usual, Acadia says a bunch of things that are wrong but I set him straight, don’t worry. However, I did put him in charge of the “sports portion” of the show every week, so don’t look at me. He’s an admitted Red Sox fan living in New York. I’m not sure anyone is allowed to listen to his opinions about sports in light of this.

Here are some stories related to our discussion tonight that might interest you:

British Muslim woman detained for suspicious behavior …. she was reading a book.

Southwest Airlines had a “computer glitch” in July.

Simone Biles puts some people in their place who have been saying stupid stuff about her.

I’d like to re-remind you how incredibly blatantly racist this country was not that long ago. (Now it’s just, like, 7% less blatant. Way to reach for the stars, America.)

Lance Armstrong stripped of his Tour de France medals.

Supercut of Chris Hardwick insulting Trump