This week’s topics:

Anthony Weiner

The VMAs … here is Nicki Minaj, because we discussed her amazing dress:

nicki minaj vma dress 2016

… but really our discussion was mostly about Alicia Keys and whether people need to calm down about her not wearing makeup:


Jaelin and Briana White – those two crazy kids that couldn’t handle Chicago for 24 hours

Gene Wilder died… and I made a meme about the Whites. You’re welcome.

chicago idiots gene wilder

The How to Talk to Women with Headphones guy

dan bacon aggregate

I mean…. there are so many dozens of problems just with the headlines and opening sentences of these screenshots from his site that I could spend multiple posts just discussing all the ways he is wrong and terrible. If you are wondering why I included so many screenshots, it’s because I’m still annoyed at how badly Acadia was listening to me. I’m sure he was too busy staring at photos of Charlotte McKinney to listen to anything I had to say. Maybe photos will make it simpler for him.

And specifically for you, Acadia, I present the following:

dan bacon no no no

I also think we should start keeping a tally of how many times in a given episode I shout at Acadia that he’s wrong. It would be a fun statistic to track. Maybe I’ll make a chart.

Related: Up is down and it’s a crazy topsy-turvy world, or so Acadia claims. Listen in to learn why!

Also, I edited this episode, and we had some technical difficulties, so give us feedback on what you think! We’re still working on our audio chops. We’re basically just recording a phone call so it’s not ideal. I accidentally had to buy software midway through the podcast (because I was using a trial, apparently) to keep it from killing the audio and ruining the show – so you’re welcome!

Other related items:

Here is the drawing I made of Acadia on my phone when he was threatening to kill me:


Acadia, as illustrated by Jenn

Here is something that surprises me 0% – Jenny McCarthy, halfwit of Hollywood, telling Dan Bacon the douche-canoe that he’s doing a great thing:

jenny mccarthy no surprise

Hear that guys? She would ‘have no offense’.

And here is your moment of zen – Jaelin and Briana reacting to “all the press” from the Chicago one day stay: