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Waiting for the Train Episode 30

Waiting for the Train Episode 30


 So I was in Denver this past week and had to record from a hotel but it was the other two hammer heads who have recording problems.  That said, since the country is in turmoil we find the time to talk about that AND a bunch of nonsense.  And it is the 30th show, which sounds like a big anniversary but since it is weekly it is pretty much non-consequential.

So here’s to you, riot-filled America!  Maybe next week we can record from a bunker in an undisclosed location.  Or I will, anyway.  B. Nev and Jenn are on their own.

Extra note from Jenn: Please note that all audio problems were Acadia’s fault for being on crappy hotel Wifi, and Sheraton Hotels, you can #DIAF2016 for making people pay for your crappy wifi.

Here are things we promised to post in the notes:

Trashy foods made fancy on Instagram

Terence Crutcher videos released

Richard Sherman’s press conference

Brad Pitt accused of child abuse

And here are some of my diamond-collar-wearing cats:


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  1. Julie Maloney

    Okay, I can answer about the cats and dogs and chickens. They can’t just go out into the wild and eat them because chicken bones are soft and the animals will choke and die. I grew up on a farm and assholes like to abandon their pets and those pets eat the chickens and end up dead. Dead dogs and cats everywhere with dead soft chicken bones in their throats. Such happy memories of my youth.


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