Waiting for the Train: Episode 42.5


SOMEONE mis-numbered last week’s episode, which was actually 41, as 42. So….. now we have 42.5. I’ll try to explain to Acadia how numbers and counting work. We’ll see how that goes.


So, as you can clearly see, the site is still all wacked out of its mind. This is Acadia’s fault. He readily agrees. He migrated the site and broke everything. The host is working on fixing it. Sorry for the lack of posts, but this is why! However, we still continue to podcast so here is this week’s Waiting for the Train. A few of the topics include, various people telling Trump to go pound sand, Aleppo, Scott Baio getting beat up by a cool woman who is my new hero, and a weird guy with a gun in Kansas.

But oh, there’s so much more! Listen in to learn about various pains suffered by we podcasters, reasons we yell at Acadia, and other things.

Here is Joey‘s synopsis of what’s going on in Aleppo:




Also, if you are upset about Aleppo and don’t know what to do, here are some actions you can take that will help:

7 Real Things You Can Do to Help Aleppo

6 Charities Helping Aleppo

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