So what did we talk about? In addition to a couple of key news items about crybabies, tune in to hear about Acadia’s childhood as a weirdo in Maine, and more!

We didn’t feel like talking about the most terrible stuff going on in the news the last week or so, so instead we had a special new segment called…

People Crying Who Have No Reason To Cry

Omarosa Manigault crying on TV because her friends are mad at her for working for Donald Trump – as they should be. Dear Omarosa’s friends: you are correct. Carry on.

Bo Bice, former American Idol contestant and alleged “musician” cries because a Popeye’s employee referred to him as a “white boy”.

Bo Bice, America. The new poster boy for oppressed white boys.

And we have a new segment which for now we’ll call…

People and Things Who Don’t Suck

This time we featured The Girlfriend Collective, a clothing company which manufactures their clothing in Vietnam, but they pay people a fair wage, provide free meals and healthcare, and are SA8000 certified, which is an international program which ensures factories are free of child and forced labor, have safe working conditions, and workers are free to unionize, among other things. The guidelines are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights. They also plant 3 trees every time they ship a pair of leggings!

We’re going to find more good companies like this and feature them on our site so if you want to patronize responsibly you can come here to find ideas of where to shop!

Thanks, Girlfriend Collective!

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