We had a post go rather viral this week. If you missed it, it was my response to an article called “Dear Daughter: Here’s Why I Didn’t March for You” by a woman named Mary Ramirez. Here is my article, I’m not linking to hers here. Then we got in a fight on Twitter.

We also brought the Batcave back – we will be using it for special member access content…. we think. In any case, go there and register with some weird username like TommyLick6969 or whatever, you strange rangers.

Number 45 did so many ridiculous things this week we couldn’t possibly hope to discuss them all in one show. But we did discuss his dismissal of Sally Yates, and his appointment of Bannon, which doesn’t seem to be entirely legal.

Check out the Town Hall 2018 project we mentioned here

Our good company of the week is Naja. Click on that to check out ladies in cute underwear, all you pervs. The company does a lot to help women out in parts of the world and in living situations where they have it pretty hard. They’re also eco-conscious and they make good quality products.

Here is the special picture BNev found for Acadia.

And here is the trailer for Lion that makes me ask how Dev Patel is a “supporting actor” in this case. Is it #oscarssowhite?

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