This week’s episode had a LOT of killing and a sweet twist at the end.  So if you didn’t watch it yet or need to wait til it is on Pirate Bay or some crap like that do NOT click after the jump as there will be spoilers aplenty.

Bullet Points of the Apocalypse

  • Carol wasn’t in the episode at all.  I hope she is busy building an epic tree fort where she will drink rain water, eat leaves and be completely safe.  Which they all should have done in the first gd place.
  • I hate smiley Michonne.  She needs to stop being all happy.  Considering that everyone she loved is dead (including stupid Andrea) I don’t know why she thinks getting all chummy with Team Rick is going to help her any.  She needs to hit the road again.  Maybe find Carol and live in the tree.
  • Lizzy the little girl is my new favorite character.  Her “the zombies are people” theory makes her the best scientist in the whole camp and her weird “foot in the blood” thing means that she will end up being Dr. Mengele. She is going to become what everyone thought Carl would be.  Remember that?  Carl was going to be a psycho?  Well now he won’t because his Daddy is there teaching him the right way to kill.  But since Rick kicked poor Carol to the curb Lizzie doesn’t have anyone so she is going to be a total nut job.
  • The Governor sucks and I wish he had tripped on a rock and gotten an infection and died.  But since he didn’t I guess he is going to be the one for them to fight in the 1/2 season cliff hanger.  At least he didn’t kill the two guys with him.
  • Does anyone remember that someone was feeding the zombies at the fence?  Was it Lizzie?  Does it matter?
  • Why don’t they dig a trench?  They literally have nothing else to do all day.  A moat.  Filled with fire?  Or with stakes at the bottom?  I dunno.  Seems like their fences sort of suck now so they need a new plan.  And if moats kept live people out (not to mention dragons) in olden times then it would stand to reason that they would work in this case, too since Zombies can’t climb over anything taller than a soda can on its side.

All in all the episode did a lot to show you that Hershel is still the moral center of the place.  “We all have a job to do” he keeps saying.  And his is to be a better person than the rest of them.  Rick is not the anti-Carol.  Hershel is.  Would Hershel have kicked her out?  How are they going to have a society if their only penalty is banishment.  I mean, I know it would be stupid to put people in prison, but they could have made her be the one to dig the moat, you know?

So my question is:  Would Hershel have sent Carol down the road?  Would he have sent her beyond the wall instead of having her come back for Spaghetti Tuesday?