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The Walking Dead Season 7: Catching up

The Walking Dead Season 7: Catching up

OK I’m sorry I’m so behind here folks, but give me a break, I’m still reeling from the election of Cheeto Hitler. I’m going to now actually quickly summarize where we are right now so that coming up I can write longer recaps for all the rest of the episodes.

Warning, this post will contain spoilers through Episode 4 of Season 7, which aired on Sunday 11/13, so don’t read it if you aren’t caught up.

Episode 2: King Ezekiel


So we get a week off of violence from Negan and sad hopelessness from Rick, and we catch up with Morgan and Carol in “The Kingdom” with King Ezekiel. I have to say I am pretty excited about the introduction of his character – and not in the same way I was for Negan, who is great because he’s so awful he’s fun to hate – but because Ezekiel is a fantastic larger-than-life bizarre character and I am looking forward to how the show handles him.

I can summarize this episode pretty quickly – The Kingdom seems to be a good place but Carol doesn’t trust the goodness and still wants to remove herself from society. Morgan finds out Ezekiel is dealing with Negan just like every community they discover seems to find themselves needing to do. But he seems to be handling it much differently from Hilltop and Alexandria. Negan basically doesn’t seem to f**** with Ezekiel as much. I’d like to know more about the history there, not sure if we’ll find it out or not. 

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Cooper Andrews as Jerry - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Ezekiel is clearly quite displeased at having to give stuff to Negan, but Negan doesn’t show up and terrorize his people, and the majority of the community seems to be blissfully unaware that Negan’s thugs even exist.

My favorite part of the episode is when Ezekiel catches Carol trying to sneak out, and sits down and takes off his act and just tells her his real story of who he is, why he has a tiger (he was a zookeeper, he went back to his zoo and found the tiger almost starving, they protected each other), why he puts on his whole act, etc. It’s very disarming.


And when she asks him why he cares about her, about any of it, he says “because it feels good.” Imagine that, caring about people and taking care of them feels good. #KingEzekiel2020 please.

Episode 3: Negan Tries to Break Daryl

This episode is really just painful. I love Daryl, and I don’t like seeing a whole episode that’s just about him suffering. Again, it’s kind of necessary to show how awful Negan is, how fearful his people are of him, to get some of Dwight’s back story, but it’s still terrible. 

So Negan’s test for when he considers someone to be fully with him and able to have some “privileges” (if you can call it that) like going out on runs with him, having weapons and some semblance of freedom, is you have to be willing to say to him “I am Negan”. After trying to break Daryl for some time, Negan has Dwight bring him into a room where Negan emasculates Dwight and then asks Daryl “what’s your name?” and Daryl says, of course, “Daryl”. So he gets thrown back in his cell and gets no privileges.


My favorite scene this episode is when Daryl both shows empathy and what a bada$$ he is when he says to Dwight, now that he knows what happened to him, “I understand why you did it. You had someone else here to worry about. That’s why I can’t.”

Episode 4: Negan Comes to Alexandria


So this week Negan shows up earlier than expected, and terrorizes the folks of Alexandria by constantly threatening imminent violence, taking much more than half their stuff, swaggering around with various weapons, mocking and taunting everyone, and just generally being terrible.

Austin Amelio as Dwight - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Dwight taking Daryl’s bike

Shout out to Father Gabriel pulling the sham grave for Maggie together so Negan doesn’t think she’s alive to attack/rape/kill who knows. I hate almost everything that guy does but he did good here.


Negan from the comic

The most painful thing for me here is that Rick doesn’t seem to be just acting defeated, he actually seems to be defeated. I’m not sure if I’m remembering the comic right but I think he acted this way to Negan but was immediately planning revenge. I hate seeing him so cowed. I need him to get back to his crazy “I’ll kill you, come at me bro” self, at least secretly, as soon as possible.


I mean this moment in the pantry where Negan tries to explain that he’s magnanimous by letting them keep their dwindling food supply is just too much. Rick, how did you not lose your s*** in this moment? 

So Michonne comes back from target-practice/accidental hunting and is forced to give up the deer she caught. She might have actually almost killed Negan with her stare.


I hope she is able to light a fire under Rick right quick. She is ready for a fight that’s for sure. Negan, you done effed up, sir. Michonne doesn’t play.

One of the nice touches to this episode is that they took all the mattresses from Alexandria, and they didn’t even want them, Michonne finds them later on the road, having been set fire and left. Nice touch. 

Lastly, has anyone watched this week’s SNL? There is a great TWD skit. It’s a must see if you’re a fan of the show and Dave Chappelle.


What did you think? Let us know!

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    • Cider


    • Cider

      Hey, where’s your Westworld writeup?


  1. Kristen Wilson (@k10wilson)

    I love this show.. but I tell you… many of these episodes this season make me super angry… the King episode was a complete bore to me… and then this last episode.. I was like… omg… just leave with all your guns before he shows up and start over or plan an attack… just irritated me. LOL I hope they get revenge, that is all. BTW, side note, since you took the jab first, I’m looking forward to the change the next 4 years, the last 8 were brutal.

  2. Imaobong

    I unfortunately have never watched this show, but it sounds like my kind.
    This was more like a special sort of trailer for me,so thank you! 🙂
    Now I just need to make out some more screen time.

  3. James Olchak

    I didn’t even watch the most recent one. We’re what, 4 episodes from mid-season finale, and we’ll have at least one bottle episode with Heath and Tara, and one bottle episode in Hilltop, with Maggie.
    Glaciers move faster than this.

    Also, I hear ya, Kristen, all that having to pretend to respect non-white, non-straight, non Christian people would be exhausting. Y’know, if you were a horrible bigot.

    • Cider

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. Gessell Wolitski

    I was such a fan of TWD until last seasons finale. I just can’t take it anymore. They’ve gotten a bit ridiculous with the cliff hangers over the past few seasons.

  5. Amber

    This show is so awesome. I’ve been loving it. I hope they all kill Negan. Somehow. Even though I think Negan is funny. But crazy.

  6. Mihaela Echols

    Ive never watched this show, but i know people who really like it.

  7. Jessica

    I am one of those crazy people that has never seen the walking dead or the game of thrones. Looks like I should give it a try!

  8. Cindy Ingalls

    The SNL sketch made me laugh out loud, and after last week’s election I needed a good laugh. I’m still trying to get into this season of TWD, but for some reason I’m still not loving it. There are some moments where it still reminds me why I love it so much, which is why I’m sticking with it.

  9. katrinajeancarter

    Omg I still haven’t seen episode 4 but now I have an idea….Honestly still not sure if I am liking season 7 but I still find myself watching it anyway

  10. Jasmine Espinal

    I haven’t even started yet! I like to binge watch shows instead of little by little. My boys on the other hand are all caught up and have been warned about discussing it around me lol

  11. Milica

    I have never watched this show. After reading this post that might will change. 🙂

  12. TravelingWellForLess (@TravelWell4Less)

    Nanana, covering my eyes. How do I read this without spoilers? I haven’t watched Walking Dead yet. Bookmarking this to come back and read after I do a binge session.

  13. Jill Conyers (@jillconyers)

    I’ve never seen a single episode but I have friends that practically plan their life around watching this show. I would probably watch it if I watched TV.

  14. fashionphases

    I hear the walking dead is a really popular show to watch. Unfortunately I cannot watch the show because I get light headed when I see blood and guts.

  15. TColeman

    I have never really gotten into this show but so many people tell me to watch it. I guess I need to start.

  16. arainofthought (@arainofthought)

    i did see SNL and it was pretty hilarious that he brought all the characters back….poor tyrone biggums…lol.

  17. Sondra Barker

    I’ve actually never seen The Walking Dead! You’ve made it sound very interesting though!

  18. Elizabeth O.

    I am liking this season so far because it’s darker and more intense. TWD has really gone far and it’s nice to see stuff like this instead of all the good ones.

  19. Aziel Morte

    I haven’t heard about this show, But this is absolutely looks a good movie

  20. Katrina Gehman

    i love TWD, one of the shows my husband and I watch together.

  21. nmetolen75

    I really need to get into this show. I have so many friends and family that absolutely love it. Maybe I’ll do a binge session over the holidays!

  22. erinconefrey

    I just read “Cheeto Hitler” and died. LOL 🙂

  23. Lisa Rios

    Honestly I have never watched this show before, but this sounds really interesting with every episode having a great story-line to watch out for. I would love to watch the upcoming season for sure!


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