OK so according to Austin Police, a real estate agent tipped them off about two problems at 9112 Anderson Mill Road, the strip mall pictured above.  First of all, the pipes were clogged up.  And second of all, they are pretty sure that the  Jade Massage Therapy center was chock full of hookers!  So the cops started an investigation that eventually led to some poor fool getting busted in a massage room naked with the assistant manager of the place.  But it was the disgusting clue they found that is my second favorite part of this story.

Hundreds of condoms that clogged a city sewer pipe led police to raid a massage parlor in Texas and arrest two people for prostitution and other crimes, police documents released on Tuesday showed.

Seriously?  They flushed them?  DON’T FLUSH THEM!  That is a terrible idea.  That gets cheaters caught!  So instead of a nice place where an aesthetician will give you a ripcord (like BNev), you get Juan Wang (lol) and her husband Joseph Emery arrested.  🙁

So this was going to be a super sad story with no winner except for the other businesses in the strip mall who can poop in peace, but I did find a silver lining.  When I was looking for a pic of the place, I found the gem below.  Note the site it is posted on and the date it was posted.  Genius.

Honestly, if you were a vice cop why wouldn’t you just read backpage.com all day?