I don’t ask a lot for the SyFy network.  And after I thought about it I realized that I usually give most of their shows a try.  I even watched that ridiculous show where Urkel makes people smell butts in the dark once.  I’ve come to learn their pattern.  They show stupid movies on Sunday and they are all in the same basic theme throughout the day (I watch when it is wizard and sword movies, LOVE that stuff).  And they come up with some pretty good original shows sometimes.

Warehouse 13 is my fave show ever on that network.  In fact it is one of my favorite shows overall.  Which I am pretty sure is why they are cancelling it.  You can watch eppys on Netflix (which I recommend you do) but please note that I don’t think the show really got good until they added Allison Scagliotti.  Not that I have a thing for her.  I just think she is a good character and whatnot.  No crushes or anything.

Not that it matters now.  SyFy has decided to cancel it.  They are giving it a 6 episode wrap up season but then that’s it.  Which makes me wonder what the hell else they have to put in its place.  How deep is SyFy’s bench that they can pull a show that I am pretty sure people actually liked?  See, this is why I think it’s me. Every time I like a show other than a “hit” like Game of Thrones it gets cancelled.  I’m sick of it.  Am I a curse or do I just have terrible taste?

This is me wearing a new shirt.

This is me wearing a new shirt.

Nope.  Can’t be my taste.  I look good.  And plus I like lots of fancy things like white American cheese and fox hunting.  So I guess we will have to assume I am cursed.  Does anyone remember that show The Nightstalker?  It was a remake of some old show and it had Gabrielle Union in it.  Cancelled.  There are some others, too but you get the gist of it.  If I like something that not many other people like, it fails.

*looks at own website*

Son of a bitch….

Here are some bloopers from the show.  They’re not great but neither are you.  Sorry, that was harsh.  I lash out when I’m hurt.