from left: hot (legal) kid, Nerd-cool boss, chick with weird upper lip, big forehead girl, big forehead guy

Usually you doofuses eschew my TV choices so you can watch stupid crap like that show you always watch.  But I’m going to go above and beyond my usual plan of talking about you behind your backs and offering you the chance to watch the damn show I’m recommending RIGHT HERE!  Unless it doesn’t work, in which case here’s the link!

The show I’m talking about is Warehouse 13 on SciFi (I don’t wanna say Syfy).  It’s cute, clever, the cast is comfortable with each other and they have CCH Pounder who is walkin’ talkin bad ass.  The first season established the premise.  Secret Government Warehouse holding all sorts of “artifacts” that have powers.  Tesla’s Lab Coat, Dante’s Death Mask and all sorts of other neat crap serve as either single episode stories or part of the seasonal arcs.  The cliffhanger from last season is wrapped up in the premiere below, and a new villain is introduced in a clever way.  So watch it.  But you need these tips!

  • The guy agent gets “vibes.”  Not acting on a vibe long ago got his FATHER KILLED!
  • The chick agent with the weird upper lip had an incident in Denver!
  • The redhead kid is awesome.  AWESOME.
  • I want a Farnsworth.
  • Artie is cool although his medical bag is not really good for quick drawing.

Now watch the show after the jump.  GO!