I know people have a lot to say about China and how we need to be afraid of them.  “Ohhh, the Chinese will take over the world” I they say.  Well not anymore!  Now we need to be worried about India.  And before you try to tell some “political” this or “sensible” that, just hush.  For one thing, look at the banner pic.  That guy has a super-eye to make up for his other jacked up eye.  And the video after the jump will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that even if we wanted to, we could not stop India from conquering us if they feel like it.  All of our light bulbs, sledge hammers, cars, nails, pick axes, motorcycles and “American grit” will not stop them.

They are the Indestructible Warriors of Goja, and we can only hope that they don’t notice us.

Don’t be intimidated by the 7 minute length.  The money is in the beginning.  And it is money.  Oh my yes.