The Blind Side.
… Michel Oher tears his achilles tendon and can no longer play college football. He gets a girl pregnant, drops out of school to support his new family selling crack in his old neighborhood. He is gunned down by his own biological mother, after ordering a quesadilla, while in the drive thru at Taco Bell.

… on the plane, Saito’s phone call does not work. They arrest Jack when he goes through customs and throw him in jail. He is gang raped and then stabbed in a prison knife fight. After slowly dying, he suddenly wakes up to see his wife’s face above him. He begins to cry, hugging and kissing her. But she is angry that he did not believe they were asleep and while he slumbered still, she filed for divorce. He loses the house, all his money, custody of his children and his beloved dog in the proceeding court battle. He dies a lonely man, filled with regret.

… Batman dies. The End.

V for Vendetta.
… everyone gathers to watch Parliament explode but nothing happens. The crowd starts to get anxious and small fights begin breaking out. Before long, there is a full-scale riot. The police and armed forces lock everything and everyone down. Broadcasts go out shaming the nation and everyone goes back to believing the lies of government because its easier. Censorship runs rampant. The populace enjoys cheeseburgers while watching G Rated sitcoms and religious telecasts. Rick Perry is made the new High Chancellor.

The Shawshank Redemption.
… Andy makes it through the tunnel but gets horribly sick on account of all the feces he had to crawl through. He passes out in the bank while withdrawing money. An ambulance is called. In the hospital he is recognized by nurses and turned back in to the prison system. An additional 99 years are tacked on to his sentence. Red gets out, is hopeless and eventually hangs himself like Brooks. The new warden exploits everyone by signing a telemarketing contract with At&T.

… Detective David Mills looks into the box and there are cupcakes. They take Joe Doe back to the police station, while he spins a wild story about a drug deal that didn’t go down, a ton of money unaccounted for, and fearing for his like because some Hungarians are looking to post his bail. At the trial, the Detective is accused of being a racist, the defense has Joe Doe try on some gloves (the whole case against him is riding on them being at one of the crime scenes) while he on the witness stand – they don’t fit. The jury acquits him. Years later he goes to jail any way, for stealing some boxes from the back of a 7-11. He claims he was just going to build a clubhouse because it was his day off.

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