Acadia’s Plan to Fix Everything

You might have noticed over the past month or so that the site has sort of….been broken.  Like me, sometimes it is up, and sometimes it isn’t.  And lately it is been even worse than usual.  But!  We have been working diligently to fix it all and it is sort of working.  Things have been pretty stable for like a week.  And the more I am out of town the better things seem to go.  Not sure what that’s about but whatevs.  At least it works.

Over the next few weeks we will be doing some additional improvements and some other crap like that and things will be even better.  Then again, the last time we said that the whole site went down for 1/2 a day so who knows what will happen!

Feel free to send money to my PayPal so I can pay to fix things.  I took all the ads off so the site would run faster so there went the only money I made.  Well, except the ones way down at the bottom which bring in like, a nickel a day.  My damn site couldn’t even feed a kid in Africa.  Ugh.

So yeah…give your feedback, send money (seriously my paypal is,  make fun of me, whatever you want in the comments.  I think they are fixed, too.  And if it is going faster tell me.  Or slower.  And check the gif after the jump and see if it works.  It is a picture of what happened when I said that there was no way the site could get MORE jacked up than it was already.