I’m not going to say much about Sleepy Hollow this week because it was solid but unremarkable.  Throwing in the Ben Franklin air bath thing was cute, but the rest of it just got us out of the cliffhangers from the year before.  Which, not for nothing, I don’t even think they talked about?  I can’t spend all summer remembering why Abbie was in purgatory etc. etc.  How about a “previously on”?

Anyway it was good because it is a good show and I promise to spend more time on it next week but I can’t waste a bunch of time right now because GOTHAM!



This will be the one new show I watch this year.  I sort of have a quota of shows and if one gets booted (eff you, Mythbusters) I need to replace it and this is the show to do it.  Here are a few of my thoughts and some questions that I hope you will discuss with me because I am a nerd and don’t want to just talk to my stuffed animals.

  • Montoya and Bullock look to be serious characters, which I like, but I am not sure about Montoya being…whatever she is.  What’s she got on Jim Gordon’s girlfriend?  And is Bullock good or bad?  He is supposed to be good but he doesn’t seem it so far.  Donal Lougue is great, though.  I am glad he died in Sons of Anarrchy so he could come do this.
  • Speaking of his girlfriend, why is she named Barbara?  That’s his daughter’s name.  You know, the one that becomes Batgirl.  Maybe they are thinking way ahead and planning on having this chick die and when Jim finally marries and has a kid he names her after the dead art gallery girl with the shady past.  Well that’s ambitious.  Well done.
  • The new character played by Jada Pinkett is Fish Mooney.  How do you rise to the level of crime underboss as a woman an still let people call you Fish?  Also, do you think the a long time from now the Penguin is going to say that Penguins eat fish just before he kills her?  Again, ambitious.
  • Why did Fish have those three dots tattooed on the inside of her wrist?
  • Obviously Catwoman/girl saw who really killed the Waynes cause she must have followed the guy.  That will draw out over time I bet.
  • Why is Alfred all:  M8 this and M8 that?  We don’t need a street smart Alfred.  If he was street smart he would have gone and picked them up from the damn movie.

I am assuming they will use the X-Files plan and mix one off eppys with mythology ones.  But their one offs can’t be with the baby versions of all the Rogue’s Gallery.  Why not explore why everyone in the damn town decided at some point to wear goofy costumes in order to commit crimes.  Maybe there was one bad guy who dressed super regular (but dapper) an just got a nick name like: Dapper Dan or something.  I don’t know.  I just don’t want everything to turn into a damn costume party right away.


BONUS BARBARA GORDON PIC! And go check out her site at http://www.yvonnecraig.com/

Speaking of that, the way they gave Penguin his Penguin walk was pretty sweet (damn you,m Fish!).  All he has to do now is shrink like a foot and get addicted to Krispy Kreme and we have ourselves a villain!

My Mondays are covered now.  Between Ichabod and Bullock I am overdosed on cool.  And Abbie is just awesome on Sleepy Hollow.  Maybe I need to make a graph of who is the most awesome each week.  Yessss.  That’s what I’ll do.