So like a dummy I went to Twitter and Imgur today (I also went to Politico but they pay people to do journalism which is not nearly as fun as dopes on Twitter and Imgur) and I found out a few things.  Exactly none of them were good.  The list in no particular order

  • Carrie Fisher dying is inconveniencing Star Wars. I don’t see what the big deal is. I mean, the main villain is her son and the spooky hero is her brother, but what does that have to do with anything.  They can just say that she got attacked by a Wampa.  Or let Betty White take her place.  Everyone loves Betty White!
  • Monsters tortured some mentally disabled kid. Of course white people were all giddy for a little while because they got to call out the racist remarks made by one of the losers on the Facebook Live stream but I really think this goes deeper.  They have already been charged with hate crimes, and they should have been, for the racial angle AND the disabled angle. But one of the attackers KNEW this kid.  Kid was supposed to sleep over his house for New Year’s and ends up in a stolen van for days and then gets a chunk of a scalp cut out?  That is horror movie level stuff, folks.  It’s like they acted out their own version of Hostel without the hot Czech girls. These four people are straight up psychos.  And fair is fair.  The racist remarks count, and should NOT be softened by the other things.  Which brings me to…
  • Pewdiepie said NI**A and Twitter lost its mind.  The number of things that throw me off on this one are legion.  One: he has 50 million followers on Youtube.  Two: the amount of overlap between outraged people and his subscribers has to be significant I would think.  Three: His subscriptions seems like they should go down, right?  So we can measure the actual consequences of the outrage.  Four: He lives in Sweden or Norway or one of the blockhead countries and I don’t even know if hey have freedom of speech there.  Five: he is a performer and can say whatever he wants and suffer the consequences.  I am not about to try to tell someone what they should or should not get mad about.  UNLESS he does one of those: “I’m sorry if people were offended” non apologies.  You are sorry that you offended people or you don’t care that you offended people, Pewdiepie.  I don’t care which, but it is one or the other.  I will tell people to get mad about non apologies.
  • The Republicans are gonna screw the Democrats in a funny way.  At least I think it’s funny. They are gonna have all the hearings for the Cabinet nominees at the same time so the Dems can’t make a big deal out of each one.  Not much to say about this one.  It’s petty AF but the amount of thought people put into screwing each other is pretty epic.
  • MSNBC hired Greta Van Susteren.  Twitter was mad that Joy Reid doesn’t get the daily spot but I personally think that Joy is like the Hannity of MSNBC and is too over the top.  Maybe that’s why the rabid fans are butthurt?  I dunno.
  • This isn’t news, but the video below is pretty great.  Guy knows what he is talking about even though I want to punch him for saying “film” all the time.

So since almost all the news was bad, I guess I can tell you that we are revving up Strangeful Things again with a new look and new episodes!  Oh and here’s a pic of Charlotte McKinney because Charlotte McKinney!  Have a great day!