Cecil the lion, Rowdy Roddy, Koch Brother’s new civil rights movement, innocent robot hitchhikers mugged in Philadelphia, it’s not so much the news but the crazy way we respond to the news. The UFO racing the Virgin Atlantic jet out of JFK was probably trying to figure out if there is some viral infestation that’s made us all mad. Either that or Katy Perry was on board and the pilot saw some cleavage.


The best quote all week has to be from Mat Novak’s coverage of the jerk who killed Hitchbot on Paleofuture. (Warning video of angry white dude)

I think I know who will be first against the wall during the robot uprising

I like crazy. All the monkeys who stayed in the trees were hooting that the boys and girls who went to look at the black monolith were crazy. In fact if politics doesn’t start sounding like a three ring circus full of two year olds shouting “HILLARY POOPED HER PANTS!” I’m going to start suspecting our beloved democracy is dead. No crazy is good it’s just sometimes I wonder just how STUPID people are.


Guys, Guys, the Black Monolith has the Apple Logo on it!

A guy called Rob Rhinehart has started to sell complete meals in a bottle. The 27 year old engineer now drinks 80 percent of his calories completely avoiding BAD FOOD. Deciding that food is bad is just another form of crazy. Gizmondo called Rob a nerd messiah and called Soylent 2.0 a sperm-esque food replacement drink.

“Ma I got a gluten on me!” I can hear the shriek of space brats as they suck clean refreshing Soylent from a Zero G bubble. One that magically evaporates so there’s no trash.

The first space colonies will have no coal power plants. I am ready. For now though, as I am driven through the gleaming city, my hunger peacefully at bay, I have visions of the parking lots and grocery stores replaced by parks and community centers, power plants retrofitted as museums and galleries. Traffic and trash and pollution will evaporate, if only we are willing to adopt some routines. -Rob Rhinehart

Didn’t anyone ever see Soylent Green? I don’t care if Soylent 2015 isn’t made out of people yet. Just the idea that someone is selling a product based on the most heinous fictional food product ever thought of has me in a WTF state of mind. Why if Soylent Green is good for the people then feeding Cecil (minus his cool head and pelt) to local villagers is like funding a food pantry. Maybe the Koch brothers are right and they are the new civil rights movement. The only thing I’m certain of anymore is that Katy Perry’s cleavage is not only fine but extra-galactic fine.