One time Acadia said he was going to write Westworld posts but then he never did. Because he is terrible and actually maybe the worst. He must be too busy threatening the Billy Goats Gruff from his station under the bridge which they need to traverse daily in order to do his job.

So – I am just here to tell you that the finale is this Sunday, and you need to sit down and binge it all weekend until then so that you are ready. If you want to indulge in theories there are lots to read up on, or you could just watch without reading anything about it and be more surprised and probably more confused. It’s up to you. But there are good podcasts and great articles about it. Don’t even google anything though until you’re watching, so many spoilers.

I’ll just leave you with this tidbit – Thandie Newton plays a rogue android with a vendetta and she’s effing amazing. These gifs contain swearwords because that’s Acadia’s punishment for not doing his work like he promised. Sorry but we’re all adults here. You’re welcome.