I was sitting in my big overstuffed chair in my study, smoking a pipe and reading a giant newspaper and it occurred to me that my amazing literary achievement, Whalewolf, was not available on any kind of electromagnetomaton for voices.  Harumph!  I exclaimed.  I must certainly find my way to the local recording shop and try make my tome available to the blind and the handless.  Can’t turn a page?  Well, no worries, m8!  You can simply press play with your nose.

As I sauntered past the apothecary (my opium supplies being quite high at the moment I had no need to stop) I had a bit of a skip in my step.  How grand it will be to allow the general populous to hear my dulcet tones carrying along the wires of the world.  I noticed the newsstand was not carrying the latest edition of my favored periodicals.  Blast!  But my disappointment would have to wait.  I was going to record.

Some time later, I exited the shop with the electrofile you see below.  Unfortunately, there was only enough wax cylinder to complete the beginning of my epic drama.  That means that you will have to use your “computer mouse” to purchase the remainder and read it yourself.  The man in the shop assured me that despite its incompleteness it was completely appropriate for me to call it am “Audio Book”.  It’s not false advertising.  It’s “bait and switch”.