Picture this:  you’ve just entered the grocery store, and you’ve got a lot on your list.  You zip from aisle to aisle gathering all the things you need.  Last on your list is a pineapple.  You head to produce, glancing at your watch to see that this may be your fastest time getting groceries  ever.  Upon entering the produce section, you see that there are no more pineapples.  You ask an employee if there are any in the back, and he tells you no.  He does, however, tell you that the guy who got the last one is still in the store if you want to try and talk him out of it.  You figure it’s worth a shot, and the employee points you in the direction he last saw the man heading.  He then walks away, snickering.  “Hmm, I wonder what that’s about” you say to yourself.  Oh well, you shrug it off and head off to find your pineapple.  You turn the corner and you find…this guy.

Out of everything going on here, I think the camouflage jacket makes the least amount of sense.