Ladies Room

Women’s restrooms are the most ridiculously slow public facilities in existence and for NO GOOD REASON.


I’m a woman. I also use the restroom faster than most of the population, male and female, including washing my hands. I have no idea what women do inside restroom stalls. I bet if asked, most of them would say “I just peeeeee!”


There’s no way. You must be doing something else, like manufacturing heavy machinery or practicing quantum physics. Pee time is not the time to draft the next chapter of that novel you’ve been working on for the last six years. It’s not time to examine your hair for split ends.

Seriously. Every woman out there has seen a line coming out of the ladies restroom and thought “Oh crap.” We ALL think that and yet, the majority of women take FOREVER to do whatever it is they’re doing in there. And that doesn’t count standing at the counter, fluffing your hair, reapplying lipstick, chatting about the bartender, etc.

The rest of us still have to pee!!!