Surrrrre.  Just keep crapping on the oil companies.  Wah wah Alaska.  Wah wah biggest oil spill in the history of ever.  Wah Wah Lybia.  You think digging holes in the ground to suck oil out of them is bad?  Or pumping water into the ground to break up rocks to make natural gas come out of them is bad?  Actually, that does sound bad.  Who the hell thought of that?

Be that as it may, wind is terrifying.  Who are we to try and harness its power?  With the hurricane coming to cream the east coast, you would think that we would understand that we should not mess with.  Don’t you think that if nature was supposed to trust the wind there would be more plants and animals taking advantage of it?  All we have is the tumbleweed, the lamest plant ever.  Don’t trust the wind!

Look at the destruction after the jump.