mmm, fresh fake buttery popcorn!

Saw this post yesterday on top movie twist endings. Decided to pick out my five favorite.

#5: The Game: First time I saw this movie, it was something like 3am, TBS and I had some shit to do to get up in the morning, but this thing brought me in and hooked me. Ending was solid all around.

#4: Arlington Road: Giving this movie some dap because the ending was ambitious as hell and just not done enough in movies.

#3: The Usual Suspects: Okay, I’m putting this lower, but have to admit, this likely is not an honest assessment. This is the only movie of my five that I actually own on DVD and so I’ve seen it way too many times. Still, it’s clearly bad ass and likely should be #1.

#2: Primal Fear: Good movie, great ending. Ed Norton did a great job acting in this movie. (Most fun twist with Ed Norton: The Score where Bob DeNiro leaves him looking foolish)

#1: Se7en: What’s in the box? I don’t like this movie. Very overrated as a movie. Still, every time it’s on, I’m in until the end just to see this thing finish again.

So, Who Ya Got?