This week the gang of doofuses on Whodunnit had to figure out why Dontae ran out of the house on fire and died in the pool.  I guessed how it all went down pretty fast this episode but the MEDAL OF ST. AGATHA was a red herring that threw me off.  I think from now on when I talk about the clues I will put them in ALL CAPS.  So this mystery included SOCKS and DOORKNOBS and other things like that but there were some high points.

I am starting to care about some of the players now.  That’s something.  I hope some of them form some alliances that will get them through to the end.  I dig the ex cop, the curly haired one and the tall bald dude.  His name is Geno.  Oh, and the girl with braces.  So yeah, I hope they team up.  The odds of them actually doing it are slim but that’s what I’m rooting for.  I also hope Kam dies.  He’s smug.  Punk.  Oh!  The last person who died says a few words at the end of the episode.  Dontae said he wished he had lived longer but he liked his method of death.  Which means he is going to be totally disappointed when he sees what happened to the next victim as it was ten times cooler.

I gathered some clues already:  The victim RAN DOWN THE LAWN and jumped into a GOLF CART that nobody knew there even was and swerved around a DEAD BRANCH and kept looking over his/her shoulder until he/she BLEW UP WITH THE FRIGGING GOLF CART and landed IN A TREE!

Now the first two dead people in the show have gotten a note in their room.  At this point, if I got a note, I would probably not do what it said.  At all.  Seriously.  And if you want to see who died you can after the jump!  It’s someone you would have thought would stick around longer.  At least I did.

If you don’t want to know don’t scroll down!