The principle of Chekhov’s Gun is this:

“If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.” — Anton Chekhov (From S. Shchukin, Memoirs. 1911.)

I bring this up because last week I cleverly mentioned this:

Oh, and there were some clues during the limbo game I think.  Giles asked Geno to hold his coat.  Then Geno made a big deal about giving it back to him.

Well as it turns out that WAS a clue.  And while I ate a whole box of pizza rolls (in memory of Geno) I watched Melina become totally alone, Kam OR Lindsey continually be the smartest person in the game  and then realize that while the show is silly it is not stupid.  Allow me to explain in the BITTLES BREAKDOWN

  • For the second time it was obvious that there are clues the contestants miss.  Giles mentioned a bobby pin that idiot genius Lindsey didn’t find.  And while actual genius Kam found the timer to make the lights go out, he didn’t find the switch that made the chandelier fall.  And the fact that they point it out shows me that they want to make sure we know it.
  • The teams were Kam, Lindsey and Cris against dumb Ronnie and poor Melina (the one I am rooting for).  Two weeks ago it was five to three (with Kam on the losing end) and then things went all haywire and all of a sudden there was one place team Melina couldn’t even visit!
  • Lindsey was the one who went to the last known whereabouts.  And I am pretty sure it ended up being the difference-maker.
  • They are making things more and more complicated when there are fewer people to work on gathering the clues.  I wonder if they give them more time now?  Actually, I wonder how long they ever gave them.
  • Having all the clues does not mean you can put the whole thing together.  Nobody got it completely right.  And Lindsey winning means that maybe her being the only one at the last known whereabouts WAS the thing that sent her over the finish line.
  • Kam is observant and smart but doesn’t win as much as one would think.  That may mean something but prolly not.  I am totally over thinking it now I am pretty sure.  And being the best of the week doesn’t give you any advantage so maybe he is smart to skate along in the middle.
  • I know I am supposed to be figuring out who the killer is but they are giving me NO clues for that.
  • Ronnie had a HUGE lead in the hunt for the clue.  He didn’t help his professed teammate Melina though it would have been easy to do so (he really sucks) and then he wasted five minutes because he couldn’t figure out a word scramble that ended up saying:  SEE NO EVIL.  How hard could that have been?
  • Kam got the clue and his team played right.  They were all fin.
  • Ronnie is an idiot who actually worked a trained monkey into his theory.  A monkey that could shoot guns.
  • He then made the big reveal after that that he was not a “frozen food salesman” as he had initially told them.  But in reality was:  A BOUNTY HUNTER!  Please note he revealed that right after he told them that he thought a monkey did the murder.

I don’t think I need to tell you that Ronnie was the one who got killed.  They had a “spa day” and he was in a hot tub and blew up and landed in the swimming pool.  In reality his death sort of looked fun.  If were going to make a “Whodunnit?” theme park the “RIP’n Ronnie” would be the most popular one.  Geno’s ride would not be very fun at all.  Getting shot (even if it had been by a monkey) and getting a chandelier dropped on you is hard to make fun.

Oh, and I can’t make a pic of Ronnie blowing into another pool so I am just going to post all the pics of the people that are left!


Out of these four people, one will win and one is the killer.  PLACE YA BETS!


She takes her shoes off when they need to run around to solve the puzzle. That is probably not a clue.


He’s a lawyer and runs his team with an iron fist. And his team wins a lot. So I am thinking he might be the killer. Anyone who can keep the dummies in this place together must have secret info.


Flip Flopper! Hate her!


I am rooting for her now. Have been since last week. I don’t think she has a prayer now unless she solves the puzzle next week. Sigh. I miss Geno.