OK, this is not going to be a lot of recap.  I am too upset.  Sometimes someone gets into a show and they think they have it figured out.  Then they think they might be wrong but they NEVER think they are so wrong that their favorite character will get killed.

At least, that’s what I thought until tonight.  Until this terrible terrible night.  Get ready, BITTLES.  The breakdown this week is more like a heartbreakdown.  🙁

  • Ronnie is a two timing jerk.  He double crossed Geno in a sneaky deal with Kam.
  • Milena also double crossed poor Geno.
  • Cris then held info back from her team (Lindsey and Kam)
  • It didn’t matter because even though she solved the riddle and had a piece of evidence nobody had Kam still won for the night.
  • Geno and Ronnie were the only two with Scared cards.
  • Then Giles the butler said the killer said he didn’t WANT to kill anyone that night.
  • Giles then announced there was going to be a luau party in the like..front hall area.  And there was!  They had Hawaiian shirts and Giles did limbo. Oh, and there were some clues during the limbo game I think.  Giles asked Geno to hold his coat.  Then Geno made a big deal about giving it back to him.
  • Then the lights went out!

He was the bestest most handomest, well dressed person on the show.  He was a bar trivia host in real life.  I don’t know how much that pays, but he probably could have used the $250k.

But no.  Poor Geno.  You betrayed me, Whodunnit?.  I thought you were a show I could trust.  But now who do I have to root for?

  • Kam?  AS IF!  He is a smug punk.
  • Lindsey?  Her face is a skull face and she is a floater.
  • Cris?  Nope – don’t like her ears and she is too smart.
  • Ronnie?  Not unless I am going to fight two vampires and need a DOUBLE CROSS!!!!

So I guess it is Milena.  I hope she wins.  Or is the killer?  I am not sure what I am supposed to root for actually.  =/


Anyway – R.I.P. Geno.  The answer to the bar trivia question: Who died this week? Was: “you”.  🙁

What?  You try to draw a chandelier with MS Paint.  Shut up.

What? You try to draw a chandelier with MS Paint. Shut up.