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Whodunnit Finale – I've Lost Interest


I have had a TERRIBLE weekend.  It didn’t start out that way but it ended terribly.  So now I am totally down on the show.  I assume I will watch it, but instead of doing a recap I am going to guess who the killer is now.  Then I will show you the pics I found that are clues for tonight’s episode.  Then I might watch Clue for the millionth time.  I dunno.  Bad day.

I think that Cris the Blondie is the killer and for some reason I think that Lindsey the blonde skull face is going to win.  I am not sure why.  Kam deserves to win.  He figures everything out all the time.  And he is the only one who can run fast.  But for some reason I assume he is going to get screwed and Lindsey is going to win.  And it will be totally accidental.  Like, she won’t actually figure anything out.  She will just sit down on the lever that opens a secret door like Shaggy on Scooby Doo.

I liked the show.  But today sucked.  The site might be closed for a while.  We will see.

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  1. Don Quikaung

    The ending was way anti-climactic. And Kam’s “take ’em away boys” line was one of the cheesiest lines in a cheesy ending. All of a sudden the cops just magically show up after 11 straight murders? I like the idea of the show and I mostly liked the show despite it’s cheesiness, but the rhyming ending was just ridiculous.


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