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Why, hello there, Megan Fox Day

Why, hello there, Megan Fox Day


Last week I talked about how silly it was that some sites were doing a Megan Fox boycott on August 4th. Completely unnecessary. So, I said August 4th would be Megan Fox Day around here so, amazingly enough, I’m about to follow through with that.

Is there too much Megan Fox coverage out there? Sure. But is that coverage really rising to the level of annoyance that would lead to a day long blackout? Doubtful. It’s not like she’s Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Or, the Yankees and Red Sox.

So, I’m gonna scramble up three more stories on Megan Fox; you feel free to bitch about Megan Fox in this post.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox Tongue

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  1. Make a pound

    I must have been lucky not seen any news about Megan Fox hmm maybe i have not been paying attention.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  2. Mom

    Who is Megan Fox and why is she such a big deal?

  3. Maitland

    This is why more Megan Fox days are needed.

    Go watch some Transformers, damn.

  4. Mom




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