If you don't know who Buddy Guy is, I'm sure someone in the comments will tell you.

Rod Stewart?  What about him?  What’s the point of him?  See, when I have conversations with people about music things always end up coming down to comparisons.  This person is good and this person isn’t.  These people empirically suck and this one guy is better than everyone else…essentially, every conversation you had while you laid on the raft in the lake or sat in someone’s room in college.  There always needs to be a list.  There always has to be buckets you can put people in.  And then you make buckets within the buckets and you find something redeeming about pretty much everyone except for Milli Vanilli and Baby Spice.

But what about Rod Stewart?  What’s his deal?  What bucket does he fit in?  I can make my vote right here right now and not bat an eyelash.  Rod Stewart’s voice kicked ass.  I can see him singing other people’s songs and making them better.  Think of the people who just sang over the years.  Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, that guy I just thought of but forgot.  Oh, derh, Jim Morrison.  It takes a special breed to only be able to like, shake some maracas or hit a tambourine and still call yourself part of the band.  but they were SPECIAL!

So I ask you people.  What about Rod Stewart?  What’s your favorite Rod Stewart song?  And if you think he sucks, what do you think his best song is?  And am I the only who thinks his voice rules?  Seriously?

PS – if anyone says he has no good songs cause he just sucks, then you’re a loser.  I’m just putting that out there now.  Because if you cannot look at something objectively and judge it, then you really are a big fat loser.  I’m only asking you to pick from within the closed set of Rod Stewart songs.  It’s like I gave you a bag of Halloween Candy.  It might be 98% Necco Wafers in your view, but there is gonna be at least one peanut butter cup in there.  My fave Rod Stewart song is Baby Jane.  Except I wish it was just verses and no chorus, or the chorus was different.  Or something.  Anyway – start talking about Rod Stewart.  Losers can go first if you want. Oh, and that thing at the beginning, that’s what MTV used to be like. Commercial, Promo, Video.  Then some person talking in a room.  Then more videos.  Shit, that’s boring.  No wonder they changed it.