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Why Won’t the Useless Ones Die?

"Fat and happy, you betcha!"

"Fat and happy, you betcha!"

I haven’t been able to sort out K-Fed’s contributions to the world just yet.  He had a couple kids with a couple chicks, married trainwreck Britney, sucked her dry and made her crazy, then took off with a shitload of alimony.  John Hughes and Michael Jackson were both taken too soon* but K-Fed lives on to play Kilzone 2 and eat gas station nachos.

He has put on a freakton of weight and has been approached by some weight loss product about becoming a spokesperson.  They have supposedly offered him 2.5 million dollars.  TWO POINT FIVE MILLION FUHREAKING DOLLARS.

This pisses me off but not nearly so much as when I think of Tim Russert’s early death.  Whoever is in charge of death is doing a shitpoor job; that’s all I’m saying.

*Neither Andrew Wyeth’s death nor Walter Cronkite’s bother me too much as they were 91 and 92, respectively.  They deserve a good long rest.

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  1. Ez

    Good point.

    It could be that they need to stay alive longer so they can either suffer more, or learn to correct their mistakes. I think it were the Hindus who believes that people are reincarnated so that they may perfect their existence on Earth. Up until they do, they can’t move-on to the after-life…. Which is why the world gets shit-ier and shit-ier. Or at least that’s a very good theory to blame. 🙂


  2. Paul

    haha, i actually liked that post. Very interesting and has a valid point. But i do have to say this, god takes care of death and you cant really say bad things about him or he will put you on that list…

  3. Celeb Girlz

    Holy cripes he’s turned into a total heifer! I thought he was a “dancer” or something before he turned into a life-sucking leech. Now he’s a big fat life-sucking leech I guess. And indeed, he’s not dead. More’s the pity.


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