I don’t know how to make crap but I am going to learn how to build things so I can make my monitors look like this.  I suppose I could ask the guy who made the thing in the pic above (see his stuff here) to make me one but why do that when I can potentially hurt myself, spend MORE money in tools and…I don’t know….Lynda videos, than I would if I just bought one and then end up with something that doesn’t look nearly as good?**

Anyway I love Art Deco and that is what the site is supposed to be designed like but every time I hire a designer they die or quit (or both) and so the site is sort of the online version of what my monitor thing would look like.  I am not good at many things.  But since technically I have never tried to build anything like that before, maybe I will rule at it.  Don’t count on it, though.  Odds are I will just end up missing a finger.  Maybe I should just kidnap the guy who made that other thing.  LOOK AT THIS!  Someone buy it for me.  Why wait all that time just to find out much much later that I failed?  I can just cut my finger off now (but not til it gets here!)

**this is what you dopes who make your own beer do.  Yes, I tasted it.  I can tell it is supposed to be beer.  And yes I know you call it your “hobby” but it is not just that.  Stamp collectors don’t invite you over SOLELY to show you stamps.  Or to make you lick them.  or ask you what you think of them or if their stamps have “too much barley” or any of the other things you beer idiots do.  They just do their hobby because they like it.  You want to make your own beer?  Get good enough to sell it, or at least try.  Otherwise I put you in the same category as someone who makes their own hot dogs or who sings in their shower.