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Winona Ryder Doesn’t Look 38

I think a bird is flying RIGHT at her HEAD!

I think a giant bird is flying RIGHT at her HEAD!

She really doesn’t fit my idea of what a 38 year-old woman looks like.  She also doesn’t look like she’s had work done and, since she has to shoplift drugstore eye liner, I think we can rule out a face lift.  Her skin looks fresh and unwrinkled, her cheekbones sharper than ever.

She really isn’t beautiful by any means but she is intriguing-looking (and very thin) and that is often more interesting long-term.  I’m wondering if Johnny Depp’s semen has some sort of Fountain of Youth properties.  I’d be more than willing to bathe in it.  I’d even travel to France and have coffee with Woody Allen.  Hell, I’d let Woody Allen watch.  I wonder if he would like that.  But, I wouldn’t care; I’d be in France, covered in Johnny Depp’s cum and destined to be young forever.  Oh and coffee.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder Tongue

Winona Ryder Feet

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  1. nipsy

    If Johnny Depp ever tried bringing his disease ridden old semen anywhere near my face, you’d have a whole new Lorena Bobitt story to tell…

  2. Film-Book dot Com

    You are forgetting the fact that Ruder has big breasts (Cs) and almost always covers those Scarlett Johanson’s up.

  3. vettech

    She hasn’t been linked with anyone since Johnny Depp?

  4. vettech

    50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30, 30 is the new 20…and 12 is the new 21. Nobody “looks their age” anymore.

  5. Acadia

    this post needed way more winona and less stupid jizzy depp talk.

    also – woody allen would never be involved in such activity

  6. vange

    Woody Allen is waaay pervy.

  7. Joelle

    haha, I agree with nipsy.

  8. vettech

    You guys must be thinking of Johnny Depp as Keith Richards/ a pirate of the Caribbean….Vange is talking about Johnny Depp from Chocolat and Gilbert Grape…totally different animal!

  9. Joelle

    He looks like he smells.

    and not the good kind of smell either.

  10. David L

    Congratulations! Your bukkake dream may be more realizable than you thought. J.D. no longer resides in France, he’s an American again! See, you saved thousands in airfare and French shampoo! 🙂 Now, as far as Woody is concerned, he gives me the creeps. Any man who marries his child, step or not, is just plain creepy! I said what I said and I’ll say no more.

  11. vange

    Say more, David!!!!

  12. jethro

    This post made me feel all icky.

  13. Joelle

    Woody Allen really is a creepy old man.


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