After a 3 week hiatus from my Woman Crush Wednesday posts due to a bitchin convention schedule, I am back with a vengence… This week’s post is a “Double your pleasure” if you will. I give to you The Harp Twins. These identical twins, Camille and Kennerly, are ridiculously talented AND TOTALLY GORGEOUS! Their harp strumming skills can bring grown men to tears, make embittered souls weep, or simply make you stand with your mouth agape at the wonderment of their talent. I had the pleasure of working with these ladies at Walker Stalker Con Chicago and I have to tell you that they are as sweet as they are talented and lovely. Check out their YouTube channel and follow them on Twitter. You can also check out their website for information on any upcoming performances. If you get the chance check them out! You will not be disappointed! They have also released two albums Harp Attack which has awesome rock covers and Harp Fantasy which includes several movie, TV and anime themed tunes!


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Check out some of my personal favorites below!