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Woman Crush Wednesday – The Chick that Landed Clooney…Amal Alamuddin

Amal-Alamuddin-10-30-13-1_MGZOOMI figured since she landed the seemingly eternal bachelor she deserved a kudos. Clooney, 52, has apparently met his match with the 36 year old Lebanese-born human rights attorney (that was a mouthful). Dating a mere 7 months (that is like 30 years by Hollywood standards) Clooney apparently decided she was the one. Unlike the former actresses and models  (and waitresses) he has dated, this one seems to be a real brainiac. Oxford educated, she has represented Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, and is an advisor to Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General. This is great because he is getting a little long in the tooth so she will be able to help him remember his bed time medication. Congrats you two! I just hope she makes it past the typical 2 year Clooney dating streak. Get him to the alter quick!!!



Let’s take a look at the ghosts of girlfriends past….

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  1. StayFray

    Good for her! She does seem a departure from his “type”, in a good way.

  2. angelamia

    I turned him down, so she is actually his second choice.


  3. choofabulous

    ^^^I broke his heart once…then he dated Keibler…

  4. Cider

    Wow Angelamia and Choofabulous, you ladies are cold. 😉 I was going to get all outraged about her being wicked young but I see she is 36… why does she look 22 in the second picture? Please advise. I would like to steal her secret.

    Good for you kids. I’m probably imagining it but I always had this impression that GC was kind of a “nice guy” as Hollywood guys go…

    • choofabulous

      I think he likes her because if you look quickly it looks like her name is “Anal”…guys love that shit..even old ones. And yes she is an infant!!


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