Christina Hendricks

We know and love her as the infamous Joan on AMC’s Mad Men and we even caught a brief look at her in  the short lived Firefly as Saffron. This beautiful ginger has the gift of curves that just keep on giving. I adore her rock solid confidence on the red carpet (no matter what red carpet she happens to be rocking).  She is not afraid to show off her… ahem…. assets. If her face wasn’t so gosh darned beautiful it would be really hard to look her in the eyes if you get my drift. The fact that she practically purrs when she talks doesn’t help either…. especially if you are a cat person.

Gorgeous Christina Hendricks

A voice that can make a kitten shiver, has that 1960’s secretary swagger that makes the keys on a typewriter lock up, and chest pillows that just make you want to lie down and tell her all about your day?? Ridiculously easy to see why she is my choice for Woman Crush Wednesday. Enjoy the photos. I left them a little large because her beauty is so striking- she deserves a full page spread….

Christina Hendricks Corset

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