Unless you live under a rock you have heard all about the spank-able wonder that is the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. These books by E.L. James have caused many a housewife to rethink the decor of the guest room (Red Room of pain anyone?) and mentally leave their husbands over and over again. Once these books hit the market readers were dying for a movie (perverts!). Alas their prayers have been answered. The part of mild-mannered ingenue Anastasia Steele was filled by none other than Dakota Johnson…. “Who?” you ask… Just think if Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson had a baby… wait! They did, and that baby was Dakota Mayi Johnson. This beautiful leggy blonde brunette started modeling at a young age and is probably best known as Kate in the now defunct Fox series Ben and Kate.

A product of two 80’s icons, a grandmother who was Alfred Hitchcock’s muse, and set to star in what is surely going to give the popularity of the Twilight movie saga a run for its money…(and we totally can’t wait to see what she can do in those handcuffs….let’s just be honest here) It is as plain as the rug burns on my knees as to why she is the choice for Woman Crush Wednesday….


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