This hot little apple strudel comes to us from Germany. She is absolutely flawless….or just has a really good photoshop app. We know and love her from Inglorious Bastards, both National Treasure films, Troy and soooo much more. She currently spends all of her sexy time with Joshua Jackson (who knew the stars from Dawson’s Creek could really come this far?), and apparently has quite a few projects on the horizon. Keep an eye out for this beauty…as if you could miss her!


Cut straight from the mold of an angel, her piercing blue eyes could make you tell her your ATM pin code (although I am pretty sure her bank account could afford way more than the Wal-Mart fare I am able to purchase) (I would tell her anyway). If I was ever going to cross that bridge into same-sex wonderment it would be for this woman (and with that statement my husband is feverishly trying to get in touch with her agent). Not much more I can say here so just take a gander….