Emily Kinney The Walking Dead Walker Stalker Con

Emily Kinney performing for Walker Stalker Convention Attendees

Emily Kinney The Walking Dead
We all know and love her as Beth Greene on AMC’s smash zombie drama The Walking Dead. We have watched her grow from meek little farm girl to certified walker slayer. She may play an 18ish year old girl but in reality she is a 28 year old woman! One thing that I adore about her is that she can sing! Yeah, yeah, yeah….. we have all heard her sing on the show and that is great, but I have seen her live and she has really got some chops! Her new album, Expired Love, dropped recently to some pretty stellar reviews (Go Emily!).

Being a huge fan of TWD I have the image of little Beth Greene in my mind. Hearing her sing lyrics about “all the love we made” and “let’s get married” almost make me blush but then I realize that this girl-woman just has really good genes. Being able to pull off 18 when you are 28? Slaying walkers and then singing about an asshole ex-boyfriend? This is why she has been chosen this week for my Woman Crush Wednesday.  Follow Emily on Twitter, and check out some snippets below from her recent performance at Walker Stalker Con 2013 and a gallery of photos below!