JudithO'Dea There are many lovely ladies out there but this lady takes the cake. Meeting her for the first time last year at a convention in Atlanta, I was taken aback at how approachable she was and just how warm and welcoming her interactions with fans were. I mean, you would think that she would be a little more diva-ish considering she was in the movie that has been linked to starting all of this great zombie fare we are enjoying today (just think Harriet Beecher Stowe and Civil War, you feel me?).  Her only potential diva like behavior is that she requested a straw when I went to get her some coffee this past weekend in Boston where we were attending/working the Walker Stalker Convention. And even then she said “Please, if you don’t mind.” In my mind I am thinking ” I am going to get JUDITH O’DEA coffee, I am going to get Judith O’Dea coffee, I am going to get Judith O’Dea COFFEE, She could ask me to carry it back on my head….” (and I would have). We kept her very busy this past weekend with photo ops, panels, and signings and never once did she lose that amazing smile. On Sunday, which happened to be Father’s Day, I brought something over for her to sign that is later to be auctioned off for the WSC sponsor charity Raising Spirits for St. Jude, and was in the middle of trying to get my husband on the phone to wish him a happy Father’s Day (multitasking at its finest).  She graciously signed the item and then took my phone and said ‘Hi Ben this is Judith O’Dea from Night of the Living Dead and I want to wish you a happy Father’s Day.” I am pretty sure that my husband about passed out and I just officially became the best wife in the world. You see – this is what makes her so wonderful. She remembered that when I met her in Atlanta LAST YEAR that my husband could not be there and she is one of his ALL TIME FAVORITE characters. She signed a photo for him then and he was so happy with that. Apparently she was fine with kicking it up a notch this time when he missed out and for that I love her. If you ever get a chance to meet her in person please do everything you can to accomplish it. Judith     DSC_0678     954