Notice how I didn’t say Kirsten Dunst? I really don’t have a use for her. She is able to kiss a guy that is hanging upside down and wearing a mask but if you have ever looked at Kama Sutra page 32 this is really not a big deal. I am a big watcher of everything that is Met Gala attire. I don’t really pay attention to the event itself but I love looking at the dresses. This year was kind of chill. Sarah Jessica Parker was not rocking that crazy mohawk hair and I was kind of getting bored until I got to Dunst. My old eyes had to squint and I muttered to myself “She is wearing the MF’ing second Death Star”…Right then and there she won (Beating out Kim Kartrashian’s hideous floral pregnant whale ensemble from last year). We will let it slide because it was May 5th and not official Star Wars Day.. I guess the dress is designed by Rodarte or something… I don’t care. I just want to know where to get one in a slightly bigger size..


Enjoy the gallery of hideous-ness