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Woman Crush Wednesday- Kitsie Duncan

If you are an avid con goer such as myself then you have likely seen this lady. Part of the crew (more like head honcho) that brings Celeb Photo Ops to most of the larger convention franchises such as Wizard World, she really gets around..and not in the way this statement suggests. Whether she is/was sporting her now retired yellow pants, rocking a cape and a kick ass superhero skirt she (along with a level 5 jealousy manicure)  is always the epitome of the F word… and by “F word” I mean F.U.N.   A self proclaimed geek girl, she has probably met and photographed almost everyone that we want to meet or dress up as for Halloween. What I absolutely love about her is that no matter how busy she is (just think photo ops with the 11th Doctor Matt Smith and his 1st companion Karen Gillian kind of busy) she always greets you with a big smile and “glad to see you” hug.

There is a lot more to this married mom than just being a great photographer with a friends list to die for. She has quite the history that I suggest you check out! Hailing from the Chicagoland area she has acted in several films, done voice over work, been a model. casting coordinator, and producer. Her current passion is investigating paranormal activity. Together with her husband Chris and a team of investigators they go where this girl surely wouldn’t go. Documenting the whole experience they have partnered with GetScared TV (available through Roku) to bring Oddity Files to the airwaves.  Check out their investigations….you won’t sleep for a bit but it is totally worth it!

If you are at a convention and see her (you can’t miss her!!) make sure to say hi. She will make your experience that much brighter. When not rubbing elbows and snapping pictures with the celebs at conventions, she is a die hard yogi and writes a blog. For a glimpse into her world click here . If you are in a bad mood when you meet surely won’t be when you walk away! You can also check out my interview with her where we discuss her paranormal experiences

Kitsie and Choo in Louisville

Kitsie and Choo in Louisville

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  1. choofabulous

    Such a fun lady! !

  2. Acadia Einstein

    She must love us if she gave you a pic! Can we interview her or something? Should this be in a private message?

    • choofabulous

      I did an interview with her for TyoH. I linked it 🙂

  3. stayfray

    I think we should all join her on a paranormal investigation!

  4. Acadia Einstein

    I think we should make a show where we set up elaborate hoaxes to try to trick ghost hunters. Like a game show. Hmmm

  5. Eva Halloween

    Well she is just cute as a button. She’s invited in the clubhouse anytime.


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