When Rooney Mara was cast as the hard-edged Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo film, people were a bit taken aback. How could this beautiful German, French-Canadian, Irish beauty ever play the role of such a dark, brooding, lesbian-ish character? Easy…shave her head in weird places (in a style that would give Kate Gosselin a run for her money), shave off her eyebrows and pierce a bunch of places on her face and body and POOF!!! Lisbeth has arrived!  And just for the record…I think she killed it!


Although Lisbeth is her most noted role to date she has some other pretty cool parts under her belt…pun totally intended.  She played the part of Nancy, Freddy Krueger’s love interest, in the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. That same year she played Erica, a Boston University undergrad that dumps Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network (stupid girl…I bet the real Erica loves seeing that scene over and over again while she eats Ramen noodles in her trailer). Football fans will be happy to know that Rooney’s grandfather is Art Rooney, Sr., founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kevin Spacey fans will be delighted that her sister, Kate Mara, is currently seducing him in the Netflix Original Series The House of Cards.


Although Rooney didn’t really cut her acting teeth until around 2005, she has made quite a name for herself. Apart from her acting she is also a philanthropist. She created Faces of Kibera, which provides much needed food, housing and medical care to the many orphans of Kibera, a slum district in Kenya. Be sure to check out the website so you can donate to this worthy cause! You can also take a peek at her credentials on her IMDb page.  Don’t worry about following her on Twitter because she doesn’t have one so you will have to scour the interwebs for information on any upcoming projects!