To continue with the Women in Horror Month theme this weeks choice for Woman Crush Wednesday really needs no introduction. Breathing new life into ass-less chaps and making us realize putting this Baby in a corner would likely get you stabbed… I give to you…. Sheri Moon Zombie


Rob Zombie’s better half pretty much blew the assumption that only hot girls are the ones who get killed…. in her case she is a hot girl and she’s the one doing the killing..and lots of it. Her first role came in 2003 as, who else, Baby in House of 1000 Corpses. (I swear her laugh in that movie could shatter glass!) This role was followed by other wildly popular films such as The Devils Rejects, and Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween and Halloween 2. Her latest film is another Zombie flick The Lords of Salem.  Acting aside she also designed a clothing line called Total Skull Clothing. Sheri has a pretty strong presence on social media outlets so be sure to follow her on Tumblr , Facebook and Twitter  to catch up on all of her comings and goings. Hopefully there will be some more ass-less chaps in the very near future!

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