keibler.1If ever there was a woman I would want to unleash an atomic elbow across my collarbone it would be this girl.  Standing tall at 5’11 she has legs all the way up to her ummm Pecan Sandies (shameless Keibler Elf cookie reference here…) and with her previous WCW training she could probably crack walnuts with those thighs. Drool.


Dating one of Hollywood’s most notable bachelors sky-rocketed her name into the headlines.  That is the shameful part because apart from being totally gorgeous she is also multi-talented. She is an actress, model (duh!), singer, songwriter,  former professional wrestler, and most importantly, an advocate for healthy living (all of this is what should of put her on our radar!). I guess it doesn’t matter how she got on our radar…I’m just glad she’s here and hope she sticks around for a bit.  Check out all of her haps on her personal website or follow her on Twitter.  She is kind of like the girl that’s really cool and you want to be her bestie but she would totally get all the hot guys at the party. Shame. It would have been a beautiful friendship.