I know, I know…. seems a little superficial right? Well yes, it does and it is perfect for this site! I will be hitting a milestone, or what I consider one step closer to a tombstone, on Friday. I will be turning 40. I know this is not a big deal to some but to me it seems like some alternate universe. When did I get to this age??? I barely remember my 30’s! With 2 kids, 2 dogs, an ex-husband and a current husband (who loves all 40 years of me) life is quite the whirlwind so I am taking this moment to celebrate this past year. I have to admit 39 was a great year for me! I did a lot of awesome things and met some truly amazing and inspiring people. Enjoy the plethora of photos of me doing some pretty awesome stuff and feel free to crush right along with me. Also…prepare yourself….this old dog still has quite a few tricks up her sleeve.  (and don’t worry…next week I will feature someone far more interesting!) Here’s to 40 more!