Women in Horror Podcasting – 2019

Women in Horror means horror podcasters, too!  There are a ton of women talking horror every week.  Women in Horror Month is a great opportunity to turn you one to  some smart / funny / entertaining discussion of the horror genre from some amazing women.

And we should mention that this is NOT TRUE CRIME! Not that we don’t love True Crime.  We do.  But this is fictional horror only.  You True Crimers will get your chance.  We promise!

So check out the entries below to find some new pods you might not have subscribed to yet, and if you are a women horror podcaster or you know one, get that form filled out!  Spread the word.

I mean spread the word literally.  They are podcasts….

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    • Michael Swango
      Hearing "The doctor will see you now." can be a relief if you've been sitting in the waiting room for an hour. But if the doc you are seeing was Michael Swango, you will probably want to sacrifice your copay and gtfo of the office. Learn how this jerk pretty much showed all his cards […]
    • The Borley Manor Haunting (Part Two)
      Get ready for the chilling(ish) conclusion of our investigation into Borley Manor! Acadia and Graveyard Grace are back with more mildly scary ghosts, a legit mystery, and the general nonsense you are used to. Unveil the secrets hidden within the eerie Gothic-style cottage as they delve into tales of tragic romance and a skull in […]
    • The Borley Manor Haunting (Part One)
      In this episode of Strangeful, Acadia takes us across the pond to explore the dark and mysterious history of Borley Manor, a Gothic-style cottage near the ruins of Borley Rectory, once dubbed “the most haunted house in England”. What secrets lie beneath the ashes of the rectory, which was destroyed by fire in 1939? Who […]
    • The Springfield Cobra Panic
      In this episode of Strangeful Things, Acadia tells us about the time when Springfield, Missouri, was invaded by deadly cobras in 1953. How did these venomous snakes end up in the Ozarks? Who was responsible for setting them free? And how did the citizens of Springfield fight back with tear gas, guns, and garden hoes? […]
    • The Jersey Devil
      In this episode of Strangeful Graveyard Grace takes us on a trip to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, where a legendary creature known as the Jersey Devil lurks. Is it a deformed child, a cursed beast, or a hoax? Join Grace and her cohost Acadia as they explore the history, sightings, and theories of […]
    • Ken Ray McElroy - Biggest Jerk in the World
      Acadia and Graveyard Grace would like you to meet Ken McElroy, the biggest jerk this side of the Mississippi! Hailing from the small town of Skidmore, Missouri, Kenny boy was the real-life embodiment of a villainous caricature. With a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt, McElroy had more than 20 felonies under his belt […]
    • The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
      Get ready to gasp in both horror and hilarity as Acadia and Graveyard Grace explore the strange case of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon. Was it a sinister plot, a weird prank, or just some really bad gas? Join these two witty hosts as they sniff out the truth and make some jokes along the […]
    • Critical Itch
      Imagine having an itch so intense that you can't resist scratching, no matter the cost! In this first episode of Season Eight, hear the harrowing story of a woman whose itch was so severe that it drove her to the brink of madness – and beyond. But what happens when scratching isn't enough? Join Acadia […]
    • The Radium Girls
      You know how big companies are evil and terrible to their employees? Well, this is not a new phenomenon.  Join us as we learn about the Radium Girls. These women got good jobs helping out with the war effort except (big surprise) it was terrible. I know everything is awful right now and it is […]
    • The Lancashire Witches
      America learned so many of its terrible traits from England. One of them was the concept of: call a bunch of women witches and see what happens (nothing good). We had Salem. But 80 years earlier, England had Lancashire.  So sit back with some Yorkshire Tea and drink up the story of religion, politics and […]

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